New Social World

The World will be a better place if the united Nation is allowed to function without UK and USA. I can visualise cooperation and  harmony  amongst Europe, Russia, China, India, Middle East, Africa, South America and  all Oriental countries. However, there will be a possibility of some rogue elements  that may, by inherent nature, attempt […]

Some sordid background of Donald Trump

There was an article by Amy Willis published on the 20th October 2016 in Metro about this self-proclaimed self-made billionaire. All Trump supporters are recommended to read this article. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:  

Pimp Trump’s Tantrum

Kidnap. Blackmail, Murder, robbery, ransom, torture, Lies and disinformation are words belonging to one group that can easily be  synonymised as siblings. They all  emanate from same mindset. “Unless you give me $5.7 Billion dollars I will not sign the document” is the latest bizarre demand of the Orangutan President. In fact it is grossly […]

Racism in Trudeau Land

Report reveals ‘gross’ racial disparity in Toronto policing Courtesy  Reuters Black people are “grossly over-represented” in violent police interactions in the Canadian city of Toronto, a human rights investigation has found. The Ontario Human Rights Commission launched the probe into the Toronto police department last year. The interim report, released Monday, found a black person […]