Roger Stone yesterday

Roger Stone yesterday, who is next? Sara Huckerbee Sanders? ( she deserved to be locked up for all her arrogance and  deliberate lies) Ivanka Trump? (or may be the pretentious Mona Lisa mistress of Trump) Jared Kushner? (the transvestite  son-in law of convenience) Trump Junior (The mosquito that lurks around every one’s ears surreptitiously) Or […]

Trump Watch

Trump’s conniption gets progressively worse by the minute. In  Omorosa Newman’s book “Unhinged” she mentioned about Trump’s behaviour with his daughter Ivanka was not watchable  as their body language was of lovers rather than father and daughter. I couldn’t belive it until I saw the one published here. See his despicable behaviour with his own daughter. […]

Jose Mourinho

Manchester United’s recovery continues  unimpeded since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over  from Jose-Mourinho as the Interim Manager. who has not made any changes to the  composition of the Team which was  built by Jose Mourinho. It was a valuable lesson that Mourinho learnt that will help him for ever for his managerial career.  Undoubtedly he […]