Prominent Politicians on Putin’s Payroll

The idea of recruiting an agent to work for Putin in USA was muted as soon as Putin became the President of Russian in June 1991. He dabbled with various characters and settled for someone greedy of Money and Power, corruptible and a uncontrollable urge to fondle and sleep with pretty women. He found the […]

Hypocrisy of the Western Right-wing Press

    Hypocrisy of  the Western Right Wing Press. The British Right Wing press is starved of proper news; the starvation is self-inflicted as they always look for something bad to report amongst the  majority working population. If they find a flicker of possible bad news to report amongst the population that includes a non-white […]

Goblin Shaman Guttersnipe,aka, Donald Trumpf

Here  he goes again masquerading with his idiotic inventions. This time, according to this serial ‘pussy grabber ’ , Bill Clinton had murdered Jeff Epstein because Epstein had information about Clinton.  During the 2016 Presidential Election the Russians  had  dirt  on Clinton. Every time this despicable  Goblin Shaman Guttersnipe, aka Donald Trumpf, senses  his  obnoxious  […]

Clarion Call from Barrack Obama

When the perpetrators torture their victims they expect screaming of sufferings and crucifying pains. Naturally the victims will, as expected, make all sorts of protests and demands for actions. Such clarion call will come from all those representing the victims. These calls will not make any impact on the systems that are designed to inflict […]

Cannibal at the Helm

When 9/11 happened 2996 people including 19 hijackers died. Osama Bin Laden was blamed and an exclusive and dedicated war was waged by USA until Osama was killed and  the mission was accomplished on May 2, 2011 by United States Navy SEALs of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU or […]