Shoot the Messenger

  It is outrageous to demand the identity of any whistleblower. Knowing the identity of the whistleblower serves no purpose.  If a whistleblower comes and whispers in my ears that my wife was having an affair with Donald Trump I will confront my wife with that info. She will have to deny or admit. That […]

Birds of a feather flock together

“Birds of a feather flock together”. Heard it before? It has been in use from 1500ad.  How true this is nowadays!  Look at Donny Trump and Boris Johnson. Both are proven liars. Both are confessed womanizers. Both are fighting for their political survival.  Both  have been caught  red handed “stealing cookies from the jar in  […]

Just A Thought

  The Principles of Capitalism , Thatcherism, Reganism, Torysm  etc are built on selfishness, greed, ‘look after number one’ etc.. This means one has to take care of him/herself.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. All other species in the world adopt the same principle.  The exception is  that the mothers of any offspring […]

Ukraine connection

Hi Volodymyr Zelensky, either you find some dirt on Biden NOW or the $4.2 million aid will be stopped, okay? News flash: Les Parnas and Igor Fruman (pals and money contributors to Trump election) were arrested. Their mentor Rudy Giuliani under investigation       Trump is trapped

You are not going to believe this!!

  Immediately after the British High Court’s ruling on Boris  Johnson’s Prorogation of Parliament  the Pig faced President of  the United States of America has criticised Boris Johnson for not replacing the eleven High Court Judges with the Right Wingers. If the United  Nation is serious about World Peace it should do everything possible to […]

Boris Johnson’s schemes fall apart

  Boris Johnson’s adaptation of Trump’s shenanigan  is falling apart.  Three Judges in the highest Court in Scotland had just ruled that the prorogation of  Parliament of the united Kingdom  for 5 weeks was  illegal. Johnson has been accused of misleading the Parliament and  the Queen  in order to satisfy his political agenda of  leaving […]

Chicken -vs-Possum

  Ok let us assume  Corbyn is a Chicken, that I don’t  agree but what about Johnson who is a Possum that I agree. Right from the outset Corbyn has claimed that the  Brexit without  a deal must be taken off the table. He made this demand when Mrs May  invited Corbyn to engage in […]