Brando as Don Vito



There is an old proverb in Tamil “if you dig the back garden of a barber’s house you will never  find any soil without human hair. Every time Donald Trump’s  name mentioned on the Television, I could not find a single news bulletin without hearing more of Trump’s crimes.  His entire life was spent on crimes yet the Republicans are engaged in defending his  crimes to protect their loots. Trump and the Republicans keep reminding me of the 1972 movie “Godfather”  and Trump reminds me  of Don Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando. The Whitehouse has become the  headquarters of the Trump mafia  with the only difference is Vito Corleone has had some civility and tenets and his son Michael was WW II Marine who was not keen in his father’s business. Also Corleone was loyal to his followers whereas the Trumps were bereft of any good qualities nor they ever were in the military.

Of course Trump will go to jail soon but what I am concerned about some of  his quislings may escape punishment. I have a list of those who should join Trump in the a high security prison for at least 20 years. They are:

  1. Bill Barr
  2. Kellyanne Conway
  3. Jim Jordan
  4. Stephen Miller
  5. John Neely Kennedy
  6. Linsey Graham
  7. Sean Hannity
  8. Sarah Huckarbee Sanders
  9. Jared Kushner
  10. Ivanka Trump
  11. Donald Trump Junior
  12. Rudi Guiliani
  13. Harmeet Dhillon
  14. Rick Santoram
  15. Jason Miller