Money is meaningless without FREEDOM


Billionnair JImmy Lai
CNN Jounalist Fareed Zakaria

The money greedy tycoons, Politicians, Senators and Business people from the Right-wing  in the West can learn a thing or two about the purpose of life from a Chinese Billionaire Jimmy Lai.

Fareed Zakaria from the CNN asked  Jimmy Lai at an interview today “you are a billionaire with all the safety and comfort, why are you risking all that by joining the rebels in Hong Kong”. He answered

“What good is the money and comfort if you haven’t got freedom. One has to live a life with meaning”. The under listed people are living along with the rest of the Republican Senators in the loudly proclaimed FREE country under the mafia type thug Donald Trump. They do not have life or freedom, constantly wetting their underwear with fear. If they utter a word against the thug they will not only lose their  wealth and privileges but every chance they will lose their pathetic little lives as well:

  1. Bill Barr
  2. Kellyanne Conway
  3. Jim Jordan
  4. Stephen Miller
  5. John Neely Kennedy
  6. Lindsey Graham
  7. Sean Hannity
  8. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  9. Jared Kushner
  10. Ivanka Trump
  11. Donald Trump Junior
  12. Rudi Guiliani
  13. Harmeet Dhillon
  14. Rick Santorum
  15. Jason Miller

Their tongues have gotten rough and hard by continuous licking of certain anatomical part of the Thug.

Dr Lincoln Rasalingam