Caster Semenya  is a girl, she was born a girl and she has always been a girl unlike Jared Kushner who was born a girl and became a man in order to marry the daughter of Donald Trump. The hypocrisy of the  Sporting Authorities have gone bonkers  to  ban Caster Semenya from competing […]

Judge Kavanaugh

Another testimony against the Supreme Court Judge, the idol of Donny Trump. We published in our “Rough justice Column about Brett Kavanaugh of his treatment of a 15 year old girl who is now Porfessor Ford. Here is a further testimony from another University colleague of Kavanaugh. Professor Ford’s testimony was mocked and derided by […]

Injustice Everywhere

Injustice everywhere, bullying, coercion and threat of military use seem to be the order of the day at the so called civilised world. A country with about 5 million Jews is allowed to have nuclear weapons while some countries with more than 81 million like Iran and North Korea with over 25 million people are […]

Racism in Trudeau Land

Report reveals ‘gross’ racial disparity in Toronto policing Courtesy  Reuters Black people are “grossly over-represented” in violent police interactions in the Canadian city of Toronto, a human rights investigation has found. The Ontario Human Rights Commission launched the probe into the Toronto police department last year. The interim report, released Monday, found a black person […]

beyond the pale

Beyond the pale behaviour of some politicians results in serious repercussions that may take decades to rectify.  I like to name two such scenarios: Declaration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America The referendum result of Britain Leaving the European Union Both elections were conducted from the core  on calculated […]