Demon replaced with Satan in Trump’s Whitehouse

The Legendary notorious liar Robert Ripley
Stepahnie Grisham replaced Sara Sanders as the Trump’s Press Secretary

Demon is replaced with Satan in Trump’s White House. Stephanie Grisham has replaced Sara Huckabee Sanders. She has the required qualifications with  multiple criminal convictions and  is the ultimate expert in shenanigan. She can teach a thing or two to Robert Ripley.

The most notorious liar in the White House, Sara Huckabee Sanders who has been replaced by Stephanie Grisham


The Next President of the United States of America

Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren ( born June 22, 1949) i. She was formerly a law school professor specializing in bankruptcy law.Warren has focused on consumer protection, economic opportunity, and the social safety net while in the Senate. Warren is a graduate of the University of Houston and Rutgers Law School and has taught law at several universities, including the University of Houston, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University. She was one of the most influential professors in the field of commercial law before beginning her political career. She has authored five and coauthored six books.













The next President of the United States of America

The former Law Professor Elizabeth Ann Warren  has all the equipment  necessary to take out to shape and condition the orangutan looking Donald Trump who has  illegally squatting  at the White House for the past three and half years.

Prima facie evidence in the public domain to charge the following 18 personnel for collusion, conspiracy to perverting the course  justice, Treason and  high crimes:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Mike Pence
  3. Stephen Mnuchin
  4. Mike Pompeo
  5. Sara Huckabee Sanders
  6. Kellyanne Conway
  7. Jared Kushner (transgender specimen)
  8. Ivanka Trump
  9. Donald Trump Jr
  10. Brett Kavanaugh
  11. Mitch McConnell (permanent display of turtle having orgasm)
  12. Lindsey Graham
  13. Sean Hannity (pre-programmed humanoid)
  14. Rudy Giuliani (notorious legend from Transilvania)
  15. John Kennedy (Lafayatte in Aristocat)
  16. Stephen Miller (illegitimate offspring of Vladimir Putin)
  17. William Barr
  18. Jim Jordan


The Ugly head of Racism

Hitler salutes and monkey chanting at black English players at the foot match between Bulgaria and England in Sofia yesterday

What has happened in Bulgaria was a tip of an iceberg. Feather dusting and knuckle rapping will not resolve Racism issues. It is true that discrimination against another human being is an integral feature of  the Humans. If not the colour of  the skin there are many to pick on. Height of the person, colour and size of eyes, speaking mannerism, accent,  type of work, age, gender,  social status, amount of wealth, religion  etc, are all instruments for discrimination.

The British Politicians and  Industry Leaders have been denying the existence of racial discrimination for decades. The normal response to my complaints in the past was “you have a chip on your shoulder”.  The White men comes after me to stand behind me in the pubs got served by the bartender before serving me has been  a regular experience that have I endure. There are  ways of reducing discrimination. First and foremost is the recognition of the existence of discrimination.

In the case of Bulgarians, other countries should take actions like banning all  Bulgarians taking part in International sporting competitions. Even better is to deny visa to all Bulgarians.

The problems should be addressed at the very core level. Parents should teach their offspring about racism. If the parents are racists they cannot teach decency to their children. Depriving the rights of having visa will teach the effect of discrimination to the parents who will in turn may  teach civility to their children. Primary school teachers can play a part as well. The resignation of EUFA or FIFA managers will make very little impact. Action needed at Government level. Technology is available to pick the offenders. If these offenders are punished immediately by the Law enforcement agencies then the problem is solved; no more drastic action of global denial  of visa is necessary.

As a non-white person, my observation of people and organizations who harbour racism are: Nigel Farage, [Priti Patel, Kwasi Kwarteng, James Cleverly  (racism is not exclusive to the Whites)], Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mark Reckless, Susanne Evans, Michael Howard, John Redwood, Leo McKinstry, Nick Ferrari, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Fox News, BBC, English Defense League, Jeremy Kyle, Roy Hodgson, Isabella Oaksop, Tim Martin



How long should a rogue elephant be allowed to roam a busy city

Donald Trump roaming the country freely unimpeded, treading everything in its path.How long should a rogue elephant be allowed to roam a busy city?
Michael Cohen in Jail
How many professional  lawyers to be sacrificed on an egomaniac charlatan?Michael Flynn – in jail
Paul Manafort – in jail

How many professional  lawyers to be sacrificed on an egomaniac charlatan?

How long should a rogue elephant be allowed to roam a congested city?

EU ambassador Gordon Sondland will tell Congress next week that he doesn’t know why aid to Ukraine was held up, and he will also say that Trump personally directed him to tell the Ukraine ambassador that there was no quid pro quo linking that aid to his request for campaign dirt on Joe Biden.

“It’s just remarkable, this guy is making Richard Nixon look like a choir boy,” Scarborough said. “You have Donald Trump’s campaign manager (Paul Manafort)  in jail, will probably be there for the rest his life. His first national security adviser (Michael Flynn)admitted to breaking the law, committing a felony. I mean, you can go down the list, his foreign affairs person, his lawyer, his longtime lawyer, personal fixer (Michael Cohen) in jail, and now here’s Rudy Giuliani under investigation, and it does not look good for Rudy and for the president who, yet again, has another one of his surrogates in big legal trouble.”

The late James McCord, a CIA agent and Watergate burglar whose 1973 arrest set in motion the scandal that brought down Nixon, famously warned that “every tree in the forest will fall” in the White House coverup, and Scarborough said that process seemed to be playing out.

“Autocrats, tyrants, people that are running what some label illiberal democracies across the world, always attack the news, always blame the news, it’s their way of escaping any responsibility for their evil deeds,” Scarborough said. “In Donald Trump’s case, he’s always blamed the news or he’s blamed the news for reporting on (special counsel Robert) Mueller.”

“Here, this is a story that he’s already admitted to in front of a bank of cameras that, yes, he’s trying to get China, he’s trying to get Ukraine, he’s trying to get foreign countries,” he continued, “trying to get them to meddle with American elections. You see these numbers skyrocketing. This is something that he may desperately try to blame the press or Democrats, but it looks like Americans are on to him.”






Yearning for this

Fox Nes Anchorman Sean Hannity. Professional enforcer of Lies
Rudy Giuliani holds a PhD in perpetual lying, cheating, twisting and all art of subterfuge
Bill Barr, the Trump appointed Attorney General. This creature has no sense of shame to lie, distort and lick any arse holes if it benefits him

I really like to see these three despicable soulless creatures sentenced to life imprisonment in a high security prison without parole before Trump joins them

Lincoln Rasalingam

Advice from the Master



Shuzzzzzz…very secret. Probably very  dangerous to divulge..

Trump met Mugabe in Singapore while attending the meeting with Kim Jong-Un on the 12th June 2018  at the Capella Hotel  first in Sentosa Island before North Korean leader Kim Jongun arrived. The conversation went like this:

Trump: My dear Robert how are you man? Thank you for the golden gift that you sent me. It was fantastic. I fixed it in Melaniya’s bathroom. She loved it. ( It was a toilet seat made in 24 carat gold weighing 4 kilos.)

Mugabe: It was nothing Mr Trump but I am very pleased that you and your beautiful wife like it. Anyway what brought you here Sir.

Trump: The excuse is that I am supposed to meet Kim John-un but in fact I wanted to see you about something very important to me.

Mugabe: Anything for you Donald Sir

Trump: You know Robert you have been in power for over 35 years and I need your advice to get my presidency  extended until I die. I don’t believe in this so called elections and democracy. My friend Vladimir helped me to win the election but I don’t like these elections.

Mugabe: emm…  yah.. I thought you might say that.. and I agree. Its not difficult Donald. Do you have a very personal loyal death squad?

Trump: Of course I have one. I had it before I went into that election..

Mugabe: Then there is no problem. All you have to do  is to get rid of your opposition.  Opposition doesn’t mean the Democratic Party.  First,  all challengers and doubters in your own circle. They are the real problem. If you can’t dispose them all, you must somehow neutralise them.

Trump: How do you mean?

Mugabe: Bribe them, put them in golden handcuffs.

Trump: I see what you mean.

Mugabe: Good. As to the Democrats, you will have to find a way to damage their credibility. There are several ways but our friend Benjamin Netanyahoo is pretty good at it. He is a trustworthy guy, no harm in talking to him. And also you should have a consultation with  your friend  Rupert Murdoch. He is the master in the game.

Finally, don’t hesitate to create terror threats to introduce emergency and if necessary curfew to extend your presidency. Don’t forget to surround yourself with shameless ‘yes’ men. Assure  your senators that once a senator is elected, it is for life and abolish the present Senator electing system. If anyone ever talks about morality, ethics or human rights be careful about them. Find a way to remove them. IT is very very important to remember that any member of your death squad should never be linked to you in anyway,

Trump: Thanks Robert. I knew I could count on you, by the way when are you going to visit the Whitehouse.

Mugabe: I am not sure Donald..  I have some health issues but I will let you know. I think your time must be up. Kim’s party should have arrived by now. Kim is okay but he alienates everybody. His obsession to nuclear arsenal is a bit too much. Say hello for me to Kim.

Trump: will do thanks and you take care we  wil meet soon.


Senators are terrified of Speaking out against Trump

Colin Luther Powell is a United States statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He was the 65th United States Secretary of State (2001-2005), serving under President George W. Bush.

He told Fareed Zakaria at GPS Programme interview that “Republican Senators are terrified of what would happen to them and their families if they speak out against Trump”.

One wonders what is the difference between a Gangster claiming ransom money after kidnapping someone and threaten to kill  him/her if the ransom is not paid  and Donny Trump