Money is meaningless without FREEDOM


Billionnair JImmy Lai
CNN Jounalist Fareed Zakaria

The money greedy tycoons, Politicians, Senators and Business people from the Right-wing  in the West can learn a thing or two about the purpose of life from a Chinese Billionaire Jimmy Lai.

Fareed Zakaria from the CNN asked  Jimmy Lai at an interview today “you are a billionaire with all the safety and comfort, why are you risking all that by joining the rebels in Hong Kong”. He answered

“What good is the money and comfort if you haven’t got freedom. One has to live a life with meaning”. The under listed people are living along with the rest of the Republican Senators in the loudly proclaimed FREE country under the mafia type thug Donald Trump. They do not have life or freedom, constantly wetting their underwear with fear. If they utter a word against the thug they will not only lose their  wealth and privileges but every chance they will lose their pathetic little lives as well:

  1. Bill Barr
  2. Kellyanne Conway
  3. Jim Jordan
  4. Stephen Miller
  5. John Neely Kennedy
  6. Lindsey Graham
  7. Sean Hannity
  8. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  9. Jared Kushner
  10. Ivanka Trump
  11. Donald Trump Junior
  12. Rudi Guiliani
  13. Harmeet Dhillon
  14. Rick Santorum
  15. Jason Miller

Their tongues have gotten rough and hard by continuous licking of certain anatomical part of the Thug.

Dr Lincoln Rasalingam


Brando as Don Vito



There is an old proverb in Tamil “if you dig the back garden of a barber’s house you will never  find any soil without human hair. Every time Donald Trump’s  name mentioned on the Television, I could not find a single news bulletin without hearing more of Trump’s crimes.  His entire life was spent on crimes yet the Republicans are engaged in defending his  crimes to protect their loots. Trump and the Republicans keep reminding me of the 1972 movie “Godfather”  and Trump reminds me  of Don Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando. The Whitehouse has become the  headquarters of the Trump mafia  with the only difference is Vito Corleone has had some civility and tenets and his son Michael was WW II Marine who was not keen in his father’s business. Also Corleone was loyal to his followers whereas the Trumps were bereft of any good qualities nor they ever were in the military.

Of course Trump will go to jail soon but what I am concerned about some of  his quislings may escape punishment. I have a list of those who should join Trump in the a high security prison for at least 20 years. They are:

  1. Bill Barr
  2. Kellyanne Conway
  3. Jim Jordan
  4. Stephen Miller
  5. John Neely Kennedy
  6. Linsey Graham
  7. Sean Hannity
  8. Sarah Huckarbee Sanders
  9. Jared Kushner
  10. Ivanka Trump
  11. Donald Trump Junior
  12. Rudi Guiliani
  13. Harmeet Dhillon
  14. Rick Santoram
  15. Jason Miller



Trump’s Mindless Tweet

Trump mindlessly tweets out link to anti-Muslim website shortly after New Zealand mosque shooting

President Donald Trump tweeted out a link to the anti-Muslim Breitbart News website shortly after news broke about a massacre at a New Zealand mosque.
The shooting, which left 49 people dead, was live-streamed on Facebook, and the gunman apparently posted a manifesto on the far-right-friendly 8chan forum and set up other social media accounts to promote the screed ahead of the massacre.
Late Thursday, after the shooting had been reported by U.S. media and presumably after the president would have been briefed, Trump tweeted out a link to the Breitbart homepage, where the lead story at that point was an article highlighting disgraced New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik’s claims about special counsel Robert Mueller.
Trump’s tweet offered no commentary on the link to Breitbart’s homepage, which frequently features inflammatory content about Islam and Muslims, and the right-wing site soon changed its lead story to the Christchurch shooting.

American Citizens! You can’t afford to pretend sleeping anymore

Army Lt. Col. Alex Vindman


Purple Heart decorated Military General Alex Vindman exposes Trump’s plan to get Russia off the hook for election interference

By John Stoehr, of Rawstory Editorial Board

Most of the attention yesterday went to Army Lt. Col. Alex Vindman’s testimony before House committees investigating impeachable offenses by the president.

There were two areas of focus. First was on Vindman’s direct witness of Donald Trump’s extortion of Ukraine’s president for political gain. Second was on Vindman himself and whether a decorated Ukrainian-American combat veteran is trustworthy.

I’ll get to why the second point is bosh in a minute. Meanwhile, there is a third area of focus that’s not getting the attention it deserves. One of the reasons Vindman came forward against the wishes of the White House was because he was worried about the president and his allies outside of government working to establish a “false narrative” about what happened in 2016 to undermine the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

That “false narrative” was about Ukraine. Vindman believed, per the Times, that it was “counter to the consensus view of American national security officials, and harmful to United States interests.” Moreover: “Vindman was concerned as he discovered that Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, was leading an effort to prod Kiev to investigate Mr. Biden’s son, and to discredit efforts to investigate Mr. Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and his business dealings in Ukraine.”

This false narrative is something we have been seeing a lot lately. It’s what the Washington press corps keeps referring to as a “conspiracy theory.” But as the Editorial Board has regularly noted, there’s conspiracy theory that goes nowhere and there’s conspiracy theory that rulers use to supplant the truth, paralyze public opinion, and dominate the minds of those they rule. Trump is not engaging in conspiracy theory as much as making war against the truth so nothing is left but loyalty to The Leader.

What is the false narrative? That it was the Ukrainians who attacked our sovereignty in 2016, not the Russians, and that it was the Democrats, including Joe Biden and everyone in the Obama administration, not Paul Manafort and others on Trump’s campaign, who conspired with foreign leaders to undermine the will of the people. As a result, Donald Trump lost the popular vote, and few people came to celebrate his inauguration. He is the original victim and ultimate hero of this false narrative.

Where did this false narrative come from? Well, the whistleblower knew. He or she cited a series of interviews and columns in The Hill conducted and written by American journalist John Solomon. The subject of the interviews and a source for Solomon’s columns was Yuriy Lutsenko, the former top prosecutor in Ukraine.

Lutsenko told Solomon, per the whistleblower complaint, that unnamed “officials” had evidence that Ukraine’s government “interfered” in the 2016 US election in collaboration with the Democratic National Committee; that Barack Obama’s ambassador to Ukraine obstructed corruption cases by providing a “do not prosecute” list; that Obama blocked Ukrainian prosecutors from delivering “evidence” to America about the 2016 election; and that Joe Biden pressured Ukraine’s former president to fire the prosecutor investigating the energy company that Biden’s son worked for.

Sound familiar? It should. This is the “conspiracy theory” the president keeps talking about, and it’s the “conspiracy theory” that has gripped Trump’s media allies and pretty much the whole of the Republican Party. It is, in other words, a big lie akin to Obama being a secret Muslim and tax cuts fueling economic growth. It is a big lie that would have gotten bigger had not patriots like Alex Vindman said enough is enough.

One last question. How did Solomon find Lutsenko? Hold on to your butts.

Solomon’s attorneys connected them. His attorneys are Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing. DiGenova and Toensing appear regularly on Fox News, echoing Trump’s false narrative. DiGenova and Toensing also represent Dmitry Firtash. Firtash is a Ukrainian oligarch—that is, a mobster—who’s fighting extradition to the US.

Now, Firtash wanted to get Trump’s attention probably to get out of the conspiracy charges against him. So he dug up dirt on Joe Biden! His associates cajoled a statement out of Ukraine’s former top prosecutor saying Biden “tried in 2016 to sway Ukrainian politics to help his son.” That, according to Bloomberg News, got Giuliani’s attention. Giuliani, of course, is Trump’s attorney. Giuliani also did business with Lev Parnas.

OK, so Lev Parnas worked for DiGenova and Toensing’s law firm. He arranged the interviews between Yuriy Lutsenko and The Hill’s John Solomon, according to documents reviewed by Pro Publica. (Indeed, Parnas watched the interview between them; he was later arrested on federal charges of campaign finance fraud.) From there, you have the creation of the “false narrative” that Alex Vindman said hurts America. Meanwhile, Lutsenko has recanted, saying everything he told Solomon was bogus.

I told you to hold on to your butts.

There’s more to this, more layers, but I won’t burden you with them. For now, the focus shouldn’t be on Vindman’s loyalty. The focus should be on the fact that he came forward, risking his reputation and even his life, to say the president seems to be parting ways with America. In one direction awaits the truth. In the other, lies.

Courtesy: Rawstory

All USA Citizens should read this

Close to a psychotic break? Harvard psychiatrist on Trump’s downward spiral — and how his paranoia may persuade him to leave office

Chauncey Devega, Salon

He has shown himself to be a malignant narcissist and a habitual liar. The Washington Post’s ongoing tally of Trump lies is now at almost 14,000. These are not “misstatements” or “gaffes” or the semi-harmful utterances of a fabulist: Donald Trump behaves like a pathological liar.

Republican leaders and others in Trump’s inner circle know that he is mentally unwell. They speak of that fact in hushed tones and in “off the record” conversations with reporters. This is but another example of how Trump’s Republicans are more loyal to power, and to him, than they are the country’s well-being.

Trump’s voters and other followers are members of his political cult. They share his collective narcissism and other pathologies. To abandon or criticize their leader would require them to engage in a level of critical self-reflection they may no longer be capable of.

After a recent meeting in which Trump raged at Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats for criticizing his abrupt abandonment of the Syrian Kurds, the House speaker said the president had had a “meltdown”.

Of course, many of America’s and the world’s leading mental health professionals have been sounding the alarm for several years about Donald Trump’s behavior and pleading that he be removed from office as a matter of public safety.

America is facing two crises in the same person with Donald Trump. He will likely be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. He probably should also have been removed from office months or years ago under the 25th Amendment because of his mental instability.

The stress of impeachment and a looming sense that perhaps, after 70-plus years of life, he may face some accountability for his wrongdoing is apparently causing Donald Trump to retreat into a delusional alternate reality.

On Thursday, CNN described Trump’s response to the Ukraine scandal: “The President did what he often does when an unappealing political reality threatens: He simply invented a more advantageous one, launching misleading attacks on the conduct of the inquiry and picking new fights.”

On Wednesday, New York magazine reported that Trump is now making up quotes praising him, including one from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

Trump’s apparent fabrication of McConnell’s quote is part of an increasingly common pattern in which he passes along praise from a third party that’s impossible to source and then gets called on it, typically by reporters and occasionally by the person who supposedly uttered the compliment. It’s a departure from Trump’s long-held habit of inventing quotes and attributing them to unnamed “anonymous validators,” or making up quotes that purportedly came from his political opponents.

Donald Trump’s personal consigliere, Attorney General William Barr, is undermining the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution by giving legal weight to absurd conspiracy theories that Trump is the victim of a “coup” by the Democrats, the FBI and Robert Mueller. Conspiracy theories are the bedrock of Trump’s alternate reality. Conservatives and their propaganda media provide outside validation for the president’s delusions. Collectively they are enablers of the Mad King.

During a recent interview with MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell, psychiatrist Dr. Lance Dodes described Trump’s overall mental condition as a “psychotic-like state.”

I recently spoke with Dodes, formerly an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (retired) and now a training and supervising analyst emeritus at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, about Trump’s apparent downward spiral of mental and emotional health.

Dodes is also a contributor to the bestselling volume “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

In this conversation, he explains why Trump’s supporters will not abandon him and what will likely happen if Trump is forced out of office, by impeachment or other means. Dodes warns that it is difficult for mentally and emotionally healthy people to understand Donald Trump’s behavior — which in turn amplifies Trump’s ability to engage in lawlessness, corruption and the debasement of American democracy.

As is customary, this conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

Is there anything Donald Trump is not capable of?­

No. He literally commits crimes against humanity, the sort of things that were taken up at the Nuremberg trial. Caging children away from their parents is a crime against humanity, and it’s hideous to think that there’s anybody supporting that, although we know there are many people who are. The abandonment of the Kurds, our allies, to a possible genocide is another potential crime against humanity. So, no, I don’t think there’s anything he’s not capable of doing.

How do Trump’s minions and agents justify such horrible behavior and the harm they are causing to other human beings? What are they telling themselves? 

These people are looking after their own skin. They know that it’s wrong but they lack courage or honor. They’re protecting their political self-interest ahead of protecting humanity. I believe the politicians who support Trump will turn against him as soon as they realize that staying with him will prevent their being re-elected, but not for any moral reason.

A key element in Trump’s enduring power is that his supporters are in love with him. He is a fantasy figure for the rank-and-file Trumpists, especially his famous “white working class” supporters. His supporters wish they could do all the horrible things Trump does without suffering any consequences. 

Yes. And they love him because they buy his Big Lie that he cares about them and will fight for them. The tragedy is that this is an intentional con, an exact reversal and concealment of the truth that Trump cares only for himself and his need to see himself as great. He does not care at all about them. The large version of that is that Trump does not care at all about America. His slogan, too, is exactly backward and would honestly be “Make Me Great, Again and Again.”

If Trump is forced from office, what will happen with his followers? Will they suffer a mass psychotic break? Do you think there will be violence?  

If Trump is actually ever forced out it will have to be with Republican support. Consequently, his supporters will have people in their own party to turn to, and they and their politicians will create a version of reality that they can live with. There will likely be a mass denial that they ever really supported Trump.

A lot of people have said that he won’t leave peacefully. I think that he will. He’s clever that way; he perceives it would not be in his personal interest to have to be carried out of the Oval Office by the FBI. His focus on his personal benefit at any cost is why he’s a successful sociopath.

My guess is that he will find a way to leave with an invented rationalization. He’ll say he was pushed out by the bad people: the Mexicans, the crooked media, etc. He’ll continue to portray himself as a victim, and he’ll encourage people to rally around him and, not incidentally, around his companies. He’ll maintain the near-psychotic view that he is not diminished at all but has been attacked by heathens. And a certain number of people will follow him.

The Mueller report is a profile of how clever and guileful Donald Trump really is. He is very wily. 

Absolutely. That’s what makes Trump successful, but it doesn’t make him mentally healthy. People keep getting those things mixed up. Rising to the top of a political system is a kind of success, but too often is associated not with mental health but with deep sadism, paranoia and lack of conscience. Trump shares these traits with tyrants throughout history. They are based on a fundamental lack of empathy, an absence of the capacity to see other human beings as having their own existence and value.

This capacity is so fundamental that we usually don’t even think about it. Correspondingly, when it is absent, as in Trump, it is among the most severe mental abnormalities. And yes, it can coexist with being wily, manipulative and “successful.”

Trump has also repeatedly showed that he loses contact with reality when his need for greatness is challenged. He has what we would call a psychotic core. It’s not on the surface, but you see it, for example, when he insisted that he had the largest inauguration crowd in history. It doesn’t matter that there is absolute evidence to the contrary; his need to believe it is essentially a delusion.

This vulnerability to fall into a psychotic-like state is consistent with his lack of a conscience and lack of ability to care about others. These are all characteristics of very severe psychological impairment. His disability makes him far less competent, and far less safe, to be president than virtually every one of his admirers.

The image of Trump in El Paso after the mass shooting there, where he held a child who had been orphaned in part because of Trump’s own hateful rhetoric and behavior is damning. It encapsulates who Trump really is.

The reason I’m so calm about it is that I see Donald for who he really is. It’s very hard to get this across to the public, because every time people talk about him, they start out with the unspoken unconscious assumption that he’s basically like the rest of us.

But in order to explain and predict Trump’s behavior, you have to begin with awareness that he is essentially a predator. Once you keep in mind that Trump lacks a conscience and lacks empathy, he becomes very easy to follow. Unlike normal people, who are complex, he’s basically running on a very simple and very disordered program.

Trump is now is his third year as president. At this point, how would you assess his mental health?

The more pressure Trump is under, the worse he gets, the more desperate he gets. Challenges are a fundamental threat to him, so Trump will become more and more panicked by them. He will do more and more impulsive things — really anything — and will look crazier and crazier because he’ll become more and more paranoid. The more people say to him, “You are the problem,” the more he’s going to say exactly the same thing to others. For example, as soon as people take seriously the idea of his being impeached, he uses the same word, he says those people should be impeached. Trump is acting like a very young child. But he can’t do any better than that.

In the end, if they finally get Trump out of office, he will declare that they’re all bad and that he’s the victim of a coup — which is what he has already said. Trump will leave intact — in his own mind.  He retreats to his tower in New York and gathers around him all the people who are still loyal to him. Donald Trump will try to continue to scam the world in the future.

Is Trump’s behavior as simple as the type of “projection” that a student learns about in Psychology 101?

There’s a version of projection called “projective identification.” This is the sickest form of projection. In projection, you say, “I’m not the one who hit you. You hit me.” But projective identification is not only that you hit me, but that you as a whole person, your entire being, is evil. I identify you globally; everything about you is bad. Trump does this, for instance, through his name-calling. If you give somebody a name, like “Crooked Hillary,” you’re defining them. That’s a very primitive, although effective, way to projectively identify other people. It’s normal in childhood, by the way. Very young kids do that to each other all the time.

How does a person with an emotional state like Donald Trump’s respond to a crisis, that moment when the red phone rings in the middle of the night in the White House because something horrible has happened?

I think Trump sees it as an opportunity. It’s all about him. There’s nothing else. If there isn’t a crisis, Donald Trump will make one. He would love nothing better than to have an attack take place on America or the country’s allies. That’s the best thing that could happen to Trump. Now he stands before the country, representing the country and being the country, saying, “We have to stand together,” which in reality means, “Stand with me.”

During a recent interview with Laurence O’Donnell on MSNBC, you warned that Donald Trump is spiraling into a psychotic state. Given what has happened with impeachment, Ukraine and other events since then, how do you assess Donald Trump’s psychotic state right now?

The more pressure Donald Trump is under, the more he will be obviously out of touch with reality. I think in the last moment of his psychotic state as president, rather than lying on the floor shouting in a psychotic way, I think he will make up his own reality. Trump will declare that everybody is evil. He’ll leave to be in his own tower, in his own world, in his own gold house. He’ll gather his followers around him, so he doesn’t ever have to deal with reality. Like a cult leader, Donald Trump will always have the Trump followers and he’ll always believe himself to be a god.

Are Trump’s supporters capable of shame? When this is all over will they be able to look back on their behavior and say, “Oh my God, I’m embarrassed.” Will they then deny ever having supported Donald Trump? 

I think some will say, as Trump would, because he’s incapable of shame, “We were right all along.” They’ll buy the story of Trump as victim, or they’ll rationalize it. They’ll say, “Well, you know, the whole country was behind him. We didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t realize.” To your question about what they believe internally, I think some Trump supporters will feel ashamed. Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Some of those people later voted for Trump. These are the same human beings who are perfectly able to admit they were conned by Donald Trump. And that’s understandable, given Trump’s ability as a master sociopath. There’s an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” I think the American public, which is a lot healthier and wiser than Donald Trump, is too smart to be fooled twice.

Is Donald Trump one of the most dangerous people on the planet?

Yes. He is the most dangerous person on the planet.

Latest witness basically ensures John Bolton will be called to testify in impeachment inquiry


New testimony from a former National Security Council staffer essentially ensures that John Bolton will be called to testify before the House impeachment inquiry.

Christopher Anderson, a special adviser for Ukraine negotiations until July 2019, is scheduled to testify Wednesday, and he is expected to tell lawmakers that Bolton expressed concern in June that Rudy Giuliani stood in the way of improved relations with the U.S. ally, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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Putin installed proven Liar President of USA Donald Trump. 10 times more dangerous than ISIS Leaders
Alleged Terrorist. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

According to the World’s most dangerous terrorist Donald Trump,  the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed. If true (which I doubt as Trump doesn’t tell any truth), there is no bulwark remains to deter aggressions  from Dictators with Nuclear  weapons against the rest of the World.