Death of a bright young BBC Reporter


The hypocrisy of the British news media is  beyond my comprehension. A young beautiful and smart BBC reporter  died while investigating the alleged misdemeanors of a Global Franchise and not a word about the cause of death  has been uttered by any media. The Costa Coffee shop is an American Coffee franchise  with thousands of outlets worldwide.

27 year old Somalia born Hanna Yusuf who spoke six languages has recently been working on the BBC’s website and in August exposed conditions at Costa Coffee where workers allege managers refuse sickness pay and annual leave. She also wrote to The Guardian and The Times. The story has prompted the company to launch an investigation.

In my 55 year existence in UK I have never seen a single news bulletin about the death of a young girl has reported in this way without indicating if  there was any foul play or rule out foul play.

The dumbfound silence of the details has all the hallmarks of a cover-up; giving time to the culprits to cook up a false story for the reason of death. Normal procedure is to carry out a postmortem that has not been mentioned. It should be noted the name Yusuf indicates she of the Muslim faith therefore the body should be buried  within 24 hours . If the body has already been buried  there would be no postmortem, meaning there would be no evidence of foul play! There is however a remote possibility that samples of her DNA was collected and  with the aid of the modern forensic science the cause of death could possibly be found (wishful thinking). Unless some of her relatives  demand a postmortem it would not be carried out, meanwhile the degeneration of the corpse will compromise any evidence of foul play. If it was a foul play using some chemicals, whoever had administered the poison would have known the behavior of the poison.

Racism thrives in UK with the help of Law Enforcement agencies, Daily Express, Daily Mail and some Broadcasters at LBC radio. The non-white people do not have protection here from the State.