Rich country Poor country

Did you know that  India was the wealthiest country in the world when the British invaded it and colonised it? When it finally left in 1947, India became the poorest in the world. One wonders what has happened to all that wealth?


There is no guarantee that a new goverment will be able to resolve the Brexit issue. the best way, in my opinion, is to invite the following people to have a conference to  come up with a solution: David Cameron, Tony Blair, Sir John Major, Sir Normon Lamont, Kenneth Clarke, George Obsorne, Alistair Darling, Gordon […]

Cart before the horse BREXIT

The British government had a Referandum in 2016 whether to  Leave from the  European Union or to Remain without any debate in the Parliament. the obtions given for the Voters were OUT or IN without any explantion for the consequences except the Voters were lead to believe that the British National Health Servcie would receive […]

New Referandum

  I  was a Remainer but accepted the result and was prepared go along with the BREXIT like Jeremy Corbyn and many others did, however  what I have not expected was the  incompetency of the those advocated the Brexit not being able to  execute the desired outcome. Therefore I feel it is fair and just […]


Whataboutism has taken over the  Rightwing News Media  in the Whites dominating countries following the aftermath of the Christchurch Massacre. They have been waiting for the massacre to bring out the incidents in Manchester, Paris, and all Islamic States  activities since inception. Not a single  one has associated  the 79 students murdered in Norway by […]


BREXIT CHAOS. Theresa May had failed again to secure the necessary votes in the Parliament  to implement her plan to leave the European Union .  The catastrophic defeat was  inflicted upon the Government lead by Theresa May  by 391 to 242. The first time identical plan without sugar coating was presented on the 15th January […]