Trump’s Mindless Tweet

Trump mindlessly tweets out link to anti-Muslim website shortly after New Zealand mosque shooting President Donald Trump tweeted out a link to the anti-Muslim Breitbart News website shortly after news broke about a massacre at a New Zealand mosque. The shooting, which left 49 people dead, was live-streamed on Facebook, and the gunman apparently posted […]

American Citizens! You can’t afford to pretend sleeping anymore

  Purple Heart decorated Military General Alex Vindman exposes Trump’s plan to get Russia off the hook for election interference By John Stoehr, of Rawstory Editorial Board Most of the attention yesterday went to Army Lt. Col. Alex Vindman’s testimony before House committees investigating impeachable offenses by the president. There were two areas of focus. First […]

Trump did commit obstruction of Justice

400 former prosecutors say evidence against Trump supports Obstruction charges If Donald Trump weren’t president of the United States, he would have been charged with obstruction of justice, over 400 former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials said Monday in an extraordinary public letter, given below The joint statement, which had 417 signaturs by early […]

Trump’s reaction when Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian meddling

John Oliver paints the perfect picture of the moment Trump said ‘My presidency is over. I’m f*cked’ Late-night host John Oliver unleashed on the unbelievable finds in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report released this week. Oliver recalled he’d been calling it “Stupid Watergate” because the Trump scandal was like “if Nixon had been kicked in […]